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Professional Educator

The Workplace Environment
Learn ways to promote a pleasant, happy environment in your early childhood facility to enhance staff effectiveness and children’s learning. This course is designed for directors and other supervisors.


Beyond Storytelling: Best Practices for Promoting Literacy
Literacy-rich activities and environments for young children

* The class library
* Book Boxes
* Great ways to develop oral language and expression
* Outdoor play and literacy

Vision Boards
Do you take better care of others than you do of yourself? This vision board session will give you must-knows and do’s for creating and manifesting strategies for work and home. Personal Development tool made fun. Discover who you are and where you want to go and become.

Staging Your Classroom
Present a wealth of tested and successful design techniques for providing terrific learning environments. From cooking projects to clay, obstacle courses to intergenerational programming you will find enticing ideas for both indoor and outdoor excitement.